Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Many days lost to story

I really LOVE books. Seriously love them. I could probably be classified as an addict. I'm a bibliophile. Chances are if you're reading this blog you're kinda nutso about books too.

Curling up in bed or in a sunny spot with a good book makes me happy. It's awesome getting lost in a skillfully crafted world and tagging along with interesting characters while they go on an adventure. I never get tired of this. But, sometimes, I have to ask myself, am I wasting my life in unreality?

I've recently decided to start keeping track of every book I read - I want to remember every one and how they made me feel. I tallied up the books I've read so far this year (I may still be missing some): fifty-three.

Fifty-three books might not be a lot for some people in six months. I've never kept track of how many books I've read before so I don't know what's normal for me, but fifty-three books seems like a lot. Doesn't it? How much time have I spent lost in the pages of a book? What else could I have achieved in that time?

We have a house guest staying with us at present. He recently had knee surgery (cruciate ligament) and is with us for five weeks while he recovers. He's been reading since he can't do a lot else (although there has also been a lot of PS3 going on) and we've talked a little about books (I can't help it - it's one of my favourite topics). He told me he can count the number of books he's read on both hands. Not this year, not last year - in his life. (Not including Goosebumps when he was little.) I was like, 'Whaaaa? Hehe...' Blank look follows. 'You're joking ... right?'

It makes me sad that there are people out there who don't get even half the excitement and enjoyment out of reading that I do. But maybe I need to tone down my addiction, just a little?

What do you think? Are you a bibliophile? How many books have you read this year? Have you read many of the books below? What did you think?

Books I've read YTD:

Wondrous Strange – Lesley Livingston (read Jan 2011) 3*
Georgina Kincaid (books 1-5) – Richelle Mead (read Jan/Feb 2011) 4-5*
Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood – Eileen Cook (read Feb 2011) 4*
Across the Universe – Beth Revis (read Feb 2011) 3*
Hex Hall – Rachel Hawkins (read Feb 2011) 4*
The Obernewtyn Chronicles (books 1-3) – Isobelle Carmody (read Feb/March 2011) 3-4*
Mercy Thompson (books 1-6) – Patricia Briggs (read Feb/March 2011) 5*
Paranormalcy – Kiersten White (read March 2011) 5*
Night Huntress (books 1-5) – Jeaniene Frost (read March 2011) 5*
The Mortal Instruments (books 1-4) – Cassandra Clare (read Jan-April 2011) 3-4*
Eon & Eona (books 1-2) – Alison Goodman (Eon read Jan 2011, Eona read April 2011) 3-4*
Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins (read April 2011) 5*
House of Night (books 1-4) – PC Cast & Kristen Cast (read April/May 2011) 1-2*
When Darkness Comes – Alexandra Ivy (read May 2011) 2*
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (books 1-4) – Ann Brashares (read May 2011) 3-5*
Kate Daniels (books 1-5) – Ilona Andrews (read May/June 2011) 5*
Divergent – Veronica Roth (read June 2011) 5*
Crown Duel & Court Duel – Sherwood Smith (read June 2011) 4-5*
White Cat – Holly Black (read June 2011) 4*
Study Series (books 1-3) – Maria V Snyder (read June 2011) 4-5*

The Ghost's Child – Sonya Hartnett (read April 2011) 3.5*


  1. I've read the Obernewtyn Chronicles, the Night Huntress books, the House of Night books (which I hated) and I'm getting Divergent next week. I still want to read Georgina Kincaid (because I loved Vampire Academy), Across the Universe, Paranormalcy and the Mortal Instruments.
    After I graduated from a English lit degree I found it really hard to get back into reading for pleasure. I broke. After a year of not reading anything, I now enjoy reading again, but I'm pickier than ever. I'm reading two books I don't love ATM, right after reading a book that made my favourites list, so it's taking me forever because I'm not reading every chance I get. I'm so sick of shitty books and books that are all the same and books that I could write better that I started writing my own, and now that tends to take up more time than reading other books - I feel like I'm wasting my time I could be using to do something productive. Once I get my hands on a new book I absolutely love, I'll devour it. Otherwise it could take me days or weeks to finish one.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  2. Hi Lissa, don't be sorry for the comment. I love it (and it's not long at all).

    Hehe. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had less than charitable feelings about the House of Night books. I'm considering revising my rating to 1-2*. Since I didn't even finish the fourth books that would probably be more accurate! And I know I definitely could have been more productive with my time while reading those!

    I'm glad you've found your love for reading again. I've definitely had years when I've read a lot less. Maybe you should put down the books you don't love and move on to something else? Life's too short to read a bad book. ;)

  3. I read like a crazy person. Probably 4-5 books a week. I've read several of the books in your list, and I'd agree with your ranking on those. For that reason I've added all the 4+ stared books in your list to my "to read" list. Thanks for sharing this

  4. I read a lot of books but have never counted. I would guess at at least one a week. I think I will start keeping a record to see. I don`t understand people who don`t read books.They are missing so much. The only time my husband has read a book was when he was made to in high school twenty years ago. He always insists that watching a film is better than reading a book. But I argue that books are by far better because they show more detail, and you can get into a characters head. If I had a choice of giving up the TV or books, the TV would have to go.

  5. I don't count. The number might shock even me.

    I don't think you need to tone down your addiction. It's a healthy one - not a banned substance or anything detrimental to anyone's health. It makes you happy, it occupies your mind. It inspires you to write your own stories. What could be bad about any of that?I love books So. Much. I used it feel it was a guilty pleasure (especially since I was so into YA) - but now I just think of it as a pleasure. Who am we to judge other's hobbies or habits and who are they to judge ours? Everyone loves what they love. I don't get someone whose hobby is running, let's say, or poker. But hey, if that's what makes them happy . . .

    I've read a bunch of the books above - Anna, Divergent, Paranormalcy, Across the Universe, White Cat, the House of Night. But I had never heard of some of them and now I'm going to go Google the ones you have 4-5! Love new book recs! My most recent obsession is Simone Elkeles books, though on the paranormal front, I really loved hourglass by Myra McEntire, too.

  6. 53 since January is a LOT!! But I don't think in a bad way. Reading is good. Healthy. It stimulates all that awesome brain power ( : I think my average annual book count for the past few years has been around 50 or 60....

    But then again... I was in law school too.

    And that isn't counting my Torts textbook.

    Bottom line? I'm really probably not the person you want to ask about toning down a book addiction...

  7. Wow, 4-5 books a week? That's impressive! Glad I could inadvertently recommend some books to you!

  8. I'm always suspicious of people who claim they don't like something when they haven't tried it (not that I'm suspicious of your husband!). But I mean, people who say they hate Harry Potter or Twilight, and you ask, 'Well have you read them?' I find the majority of the time (at least for HP) the answer is no. I guess it's the same for reading, some people decide they're not gonna try it and they decide they won't like it without trying.

    You can keep a record of the books you read on Goodreads. I've started doing this too, but I wanted a cute wee notebook to keep a record in as well. I'm a sucker for stationery!

  9. Thanks, Gilly! You've made me feel better about my addiction. ;) I don't think I'd achieve anything productive if I cut back on reading anyway - I'd probably just find more ways to procrastinate!

    Once I finished writing this post I went straight on to reading my next book (Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins). Hehe.

    Hope you find something new from the list to read! I love getting book recommendations, so thanks for those. I will have to check them out. :)

  10. Thanks Julie! I love being among fellow addicts. Maybe we should start Book Addicts Anonymous, but instead of helping each other to give up we encourage the addiction and give each other book recommendations. Lol.

  11. I don't think you are odd at all. 53 books feels like a lot, but I bet you are a fast reader too. I've read 22 so far this year, but I'm also taking two classes and working on two novels.

    Whenever I think about how much time I spend reading and writing, I always remember a line from You've Got Mail, "So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around?"

  12. 53 books is definitely a lot for me, but I'm also a slow reader. :) I have the same concern sometimes about whether or not I'm "wasting" my time, but I like books and I like reading. Instead of watching TV (though I do actually like watching quite a bit of TV) or playing video games, I read books. I think it's not a problem unless it is negatively affecting your life and/or the lives of those around you, and you enjoy it right? Everyone's got different passions, and for some people, reading just isn't something they do for fun. So they don't do it. Case in point, I love books/reading, but my sister doesn't so much and we're pretty close. It's just not her thing.

    From your list of books, I've read Across the Universe, Hex Hall, Paranormalcy (read it last year), and Divergent. I have Eon at home somewhere, and I'm reading White Cat right now.

  13. Thanks, Kari Marie. I keep reminding myself as well that one of the main pieces for advice for people who want to be writers is to read a lot, so I guess I'm achieving that!

    Hehe. I like that quote. :)

  14. Reading is definitely something I do instead of TV. I probably spend about an hour a week watching TV. My boyfriend does get a tad annoyed when I read late into the night. I wonder if that's counted as negatively affecting the people around me. O.O

  15. I've read Across the Universe, the first three in the Mortal Insturments, ditto for House of Night, White Cat, and I'm reading Divergent now.

  16. Wow great list there! 53 is a lot of books!! 
    I'm trying to see how many books I can read in the time it takes my boyfriend to read just one book (considering he never reads and this is a new phenomenon for him - So far I'm up to 5 and reading my 6th. My goal is 10 haha. 
    But yeah, I love keeping a list of what I read. And I highlight my favourites and it avoids any confusion that may set in about what I've read by who.