Blood Legacy

My current WIP is a YA Fantasy, working title Blood Legacy.

Dani Strider’s deepest desire is to belong, but the blood in her veins won't allow it. She bears a legacy kept secret form her, and with it comes powerful magic she can’t control.

On her eighteenth birthday, strangers emerge from the woods behind Dani’s home, an eerie familiarity about their features. When they introduced themselves as her family, Dani learns what real happiness feels like. And then it is ripped away when they disappear as suddenly as they arrived, fading into the shadows under the trees. The only evidence of her family’s visit is a cryptic message: if he comes, you must follow.

Dani searches the woods for a trail but finds nothing. In a fit of despair her wild magic breaks its bonds and wrecks destruction on the surrounds. She wakes in a blast crater, a giant gray dog at her side, an expression all too human in his eyes.

Dani follows the dog to the parallel world of Dereshan, only to discover he has a voice, an attitude, and far too many secrets. His help doesn’t come free; he wants to be healed and Dani’s the only one who can do it. What he means by that he won’t tell.

The long-lived tyrant Vaddrin controls the world of Dereshan using fear and dark magic. Dani’s two toned eyes mark her as an instrument of fate, and the bringer of Vaddrin’s downfall. Vaddrin has wanted her dead since the day she was born.

In order to save her family from Vaddrin’s cruelty, Dani must enter a war which has never been hers, and it will likely cost her life. She rebels against fate’s pull, determined to prove she can choose her own path, but by doing so she may lose the one thing she’s always wanted: her chance to claim her place in the world.