Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wow, I got an award!

Thanks heaps to Madeline at Capricious Existence for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award, it made my day.

Now I wasn't entirely sure what getting these awards meant, and I tried searching on Google, but to no avail. And then I decided it doesn't really matter what they mean, it's just a good reason to pass on the love.

There are some rules for each award, and they are:
1. Link to the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 15 bloggers recently discovered.
4. Notify the recipients.

Maybe a bit cheeky of me, but I'm going to bend the rules just a tad, rather than doing fourteen things about me, I'm only going to do seven, and I'll match that with seven pass it forwards. Is that ok? I think that way I won't bore you, and I'll pass the awards to cool sights, instead of just searching for thirty (thirty!!) other blogs to send them to. We cool? We cool.

I decided to do rule two as a Vlog, just to mix things up a bit, and because I've never done one before and wanted to play. Please excuse all the Umms and Ahhhs and self conscious hair touching (funny that we can be self conscious in our own homes when there's no one around..)

Here are my seven bloggers of awesomeness, who I am passing the awards on to:

A sideways journey to lifelong bliss - Kari Marie
Can I Get a Side of Reality With That? - Jem
Living Animation - Ushan Boyd
Musings - Emily Casey
Words, Wine, and Wanderlust - Maggie



  1. The crust is the only part I like on the pizza. xD And eleven schools? Wow. That takes skill. ;)

  2. Thanks Golden Eagle :).

    Madeline, you don't like the toppings? How could you not? I don't eat the crusts coz I'd rather fill up on the good stuff :). And yea eleven schools was pretty intense. I moved a lot growing up.