Friday, October 29, 2010

The good news

An update on the changes happening around here.

As you know I'll be heading over to Melbourne shortly. Flights are booked for the 16th of November. Ollie starts his new job on the 22nd of November. I will be a lady of leisure for a few short weeks while we get ourselves set up in Aus and I look for a job.

And also..

I got into Monash's Graduate Diploma in Publishing & Editing! YAY!

So it's back to being a student for me next year, but hopefully (in my ideal situation) I will also be working part time for a publishing company. I have had a response from one of the small publishers saying they would like to meet with me when I get to Aus so that is also exciting news :).

So yes.. that's everything up to date.

Now I just need to do some writing.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That's so great!

    Writing...remind me what that is again? (I promise to have your next chapter critted this weekend. I'm so sorry for being such a bum about it!)

  2. Thanks Stephanie!
    Don't stress about the crit. I've been so busy lately with organising the move anyway :)