Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Insert witty title here"

Due to an extended period of writer's block resulting in some fogginess of far off story events, I have decided to reread in order to keep going. This is of course a slow process of rereading as it usually also involves editing. So far I have ended up with a much improved chapter 1.

Here's an excerpt:

18 years later, on the anniversary of mother’s death, I woke to another day in the Strider household. The fact that it was my birthday would make it no different to any other. You couldn’t celebrate a birthday, no matter how supposedly important the number, when you have no friends to celebrate with. Well I guess you could... but that would be a sad and lonely affair. Unluckily for me, I knew my grandparents wouldn’t be able to let the day slip by, as I would if I could. They would have to mark it in some small, eccentric way. Last year it was with Gran’s failed attempt to learn to cook Thai, and a dinner eating out of takeout boxes on the back deck while smoke still drifted out the open kitchen windows. I shuddered, concern for what surprise she would deem worthy of an 18th birthday momentarily gripping me.


  1. Intriguing. Love the background here!

  2. Good one Sari! Screenplays apparently get rewritten many (many) times! I think that it can help so much. Keep up the good work :)