Monday, May 24, 2010

No longer a blogging virgin

Welcome to both of you (is two people whishful thinking?) to my first ever blog post. I've set this little blog up as a place for me (while right now) to vent about my writing frustrations, get excited about my writing highlights, and share the amazing things I've learned from far more experienced people.

As this is just the test/hope this works/am I really doing this post, I'll keep it short and sweet. Oh and it's 10 past 9 and I've been procrastinating all night and still need to write at least 650 words!

Now off to get my family to bookmark me so it looks like I have some followers :)

Till next time!


PS. I'm currently working on a 100-120k word YA fantasy. 70k words in at present.

Here's an excerpt:

They say that before the age of three you have no memories, but I do remember this: as I lay there, making soft gurgling noises and staring up at my mother’s dazed, glowing face, darkness entered the room. He was no more than a shadow, stealth incarnate, wrapped in a cape so dark it ate the light around him. His tall, slender body was coiled in a predators crouch at the edge of the room. He slunk forward on silent feet, pausing at the side of the bed to take stock of his target. He wasn’t a part of this world, no one could see him, no one was aware of his presence: except me.

He swung his head toward me for the briefest moment and I stared into a face created from darkness, two maroon eyes the only discernable features. In that moment he considered my fate, only to dismiss my fledgling spark of life as insignificant, paling against my mother’s roaring inferno, and that is where he made his mistake. He swung his faceless head toward her and leaned in as if for a kiss. With one breath my mother shut her eyes, never to open again. The creature left the way he had entered; completely unaware he’d killed the wrong person.

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  1. Yeah! Go Sari! Thats a wicked way to keep the ball rolling!!