Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The guilt of skipping a day... and procrastination

I keep a writing spreadsheet with all sorts of fancy columns telling me various things like my goal words per day to finish my project by a certain date, the actual words per day I need to do based on how far ahead or behind I've gotten, my total words, and all manner of other things I can come up with while I procrastinate. According to my spreadsheet my original target was 528 and now the real wpd target is 614. Oh the guilt!!

And I love to read all my favourite agents and editors blogs to see what amazingly helpful information they've put up today. Another form of procrastination. Unfortunately most of their wisdom is about the submission process, the oh so feared 'query', and not so much about how to beat procrastination so you can get the the query in the first place. The first step is to finish the first draft, right!?!

Nathan Bransford did say it's ok to have a prologue so long as it's short and sweet and most importantly *vital*. That makes me feel much better about keeping mine in.

So ummm... that's enough procrastinating for one evening. Off to get my at least 614 words before I fall behind another day!!

Update @ 10:30~
839 words. Yatah!

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