Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogfests and competitions

The lovely Sarah Ketley at The Precocious Scribe is hosting a blog hop competition, and she's been kind enough to put me on the list (thanks Sarah!). If you head on over, all you have to do is put your blog on the linky to be in to win an Amazon voucher, and if you follow some of the people on the list then you can win even more prizes. Go check it out!

I also came across this blogfest (via Sarah's blog hop), called the Power of Tension, which is being hosted by Rachel Morgan and Cally Jackson. You can win prizes, and you can get feedback on 300 words of tension filled scene.

And last, I just came across this query contest to get an MS critiqued by agent Rosanne Wells via Query Tracker. I think there's only 5 hours left to submit (the time zones confuse me) but if you get there fast you might get in.

Has anyone else come across any cool blogfests or competitions lately? I'd love to hear about them.

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