Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think I may be permanently cross-eyed

I really feel for the people who work long hours in publishing houses and as freelance editors, copy editing and proofreading people's work. I mean, I actually enjoy doing this - sometimes.

I'm working on my second assignment right now, copy editing an excerpt from a book on soccer, and the particular section I'm working on is a history of the soccer world cup. Seriously mind-numbing business.

And I guess this is the thing, I want to be in publishing. I want to be an editor. Admittedly I'd prefer to be a content editor, but I'd still be happy doing copy editing.

As long as it was on a topic I found interesting. The whole reason I'm trying to get into publishing in the first place.

My ultimate dream is to work on YA fiction (obviously), but the publishing industry is so competitive and so difficult to get into, that I would be ecstatic to be doing almost anything, so long as I had my foot in the door...

...I just hope it's not copy editing books on soccer.

How's your week treating you? Are you getting words? Succeeding?

PS. This is where I was earlier this week. Aussie is a cool country!


  1. Come to Australia and check it out! ;)

  2. I want to go to there. Wow, what a gorgeous place!

    And the history of the World Cup? Yikes.

  3. I feel for you on the copy editing. One of the things I do in my day job is review minutes. City Council minutes. O_o Like sitting through the meeting wasn't bad enough. =D

  4. First thing,

    congrats that you are in your dream field (or very close to it). May god be with you and you soon get into YA.

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers

  5. Amazing view. Yes, there are times that I have felt cross eyed too. It is hard sometimes not to when you are embedded with something that is pulling you in the wrong directions.

  6. *JEALOUS* That is one amazing view.

  7. Being an English teacher, I spend my time reading horribly written papers, so not only am I getting cross-eyed, but dumber by the second.

    I'll make you a deal: you be my publisher and that will solve both our problems!

    P.S. Thanks for the feedback on the query post. Very helpful.

  8. You sound like you're on the right track. Everyone has to start somewhere. You'll get out of the world cup soon :)

  9. There's an awrd for you over on my blog... Come over an pick it up!

  10. Oh I don't envy you. O_o Must be like braincell murder.

    No worries about the feedback! Glad it was helpful :)

  11. Lol. Thanks Bess :). That assignment's finished but now I have one proofreading an economics textbook ;)

  12. I think you just need to get in the door and eventually you'll work your way into a position you really want. Good luck!

  13. I think you just need to get in the door and eventually you'll work your way into a position you really want. Good luck!