Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I love your blog

I've seen a few posts on why people 'unfollow' blogs lately, but what makes us like them in the first place?

Some blogs are love at first sight. Others we're not so sure about but we give them the benefit of the doubt and over time we grow to love them. Some blogs we love to begin with, but then we have a disagreement and have to go our separate ways (the dreaded 'unfollow' button).

This is why I love the blogs I follow:

   1.  It's pretty. Shallow right? But then most relationships are based on appearances first and develop into something else later. A beautiful, eye-catching blog design will make me want to stick around to find out what this blogger has to say. A cool colour scheme, pretty header, and just the right amount of accessories (yes, do include the 'follow me' option, no don't include every button you've ever picked up from every site you've ever visited).

The blogger obviously takes pride in their work, so maybe they will pay equal attention to the content of their posts. Sometimes a blog is all looks and no content. You know the type, too busy looking in the mirror to worry about anything else. But that's a post for another day.

   2.  Easy to read. This sort of relates to the previous one. I will love you if you go easy on my eyes. Dark, easy to read font on a light background is the go. This is not the place to get fancy, because no matter how wonderful your layout and how awe-inspiring your content, if reading it makes me cross-eyed and headachey I'm not going to hit that follow button.

   3.  Interesting. Once you've gotten past checking that guy (err.. blog) out, you wanna know if he/it has any substance. If you're blogging not just for yourself, but to get a following, you'll be blogging about the things you're passionate about. And by doing so, you'll be trying to spread the word by giving back to the people who are passionate about the same things as you.

Umm.. does that make sense? Try again. If all he talks about on your first date is himself, you're unlikely to see him again. But I do still want to know something about you. Blank 'about me's' make me sad.

   4.  Reliable. This one's easy. Blog regularly. It doesn't have to be every day, just frequent enough that people don't forget you exist, and not so often you clog up your faithful followers feed readers (alliteration completely unintentional). Trying to blog on the same days each week helps too. People are creatures of habit, we love reliability (but that's not to say that we don't love a bit of spontaneity too). I know I need to take my own advice on this one. I'm working on it.

   5.  That little something extra. This is where love at first sight comes in. Some people/blogs have that special spark, panache, charisma. The blogger injects their personal charm into their blog posts, bringing them to life. I guess you'd call it the blogger's voice. I'm forever admiring and jealous of the people who have this. Some people just shine. My brother's one of those. All the good genes were used up on him first.

So there you have it. Five simple steps for making me fall in love with your blog (not that you would really want me stalking your blog).

What makes you fall in love with a blog? Do you only follow blogs that talk about certain topics, or do you have broad blog reading tastes? Do you think your blog needs some zhoozhing or have you managed to get that balance?


  1. I follow so many blogs, I've lost count. I will follow because of topics even if the layout sucks. So much great info out there.

    I admit, I do like certain blogs because there layout caught my eye. One of my favs is "All Things Urban Fantasy" a great blog with a great header.

    I had mine designed with a dark, edgy, haunting appearance...mainly because of the genre I write.

  2. I agree with everything you said but one thing I may add is Humor. not matter what else a blog has to offer i think it must offer some sort of humor, weather it just be the tone or actually joke telling. I look for it in a man I look for it in a blog as well ^.^ That said, not everything has to make to fall out of my chair but I think there is a certain amount of humor needed to keep me interested.

  3. Great point, Dark Angel. I should have specified, a blog doesn't have to have all these things for me to like it and follow it. For me the most important two are easy to read and interesting. I love your blog by the way. It's very pretty.

    Alexis, very true. Humour's a great thing to have in a blog. I love the background design on your blog too. What does KorĂȘ Averna mean?

    Thanks stopping by :)

  4. I agree with your points. The reasons I follow a blog will vary and may not include all 5 points. My blog still needs work. I think voice and content seem to be my weaknesses, which are important! I keep trying though.

  5. Goodness Gracious, Sari, you really do have a way with words. I have followed your advice so that you might fall in love with my blog one day but it is a WIP! I totally love all your acronyms and the way you describe your work with words is so affectionate and cute and your analogies are fantastic and awww I just love it all. Keep up being brilliant, Sabelle.

  6. Kari Marie, I think your blogs great. I regularly stop by to see what's happening :). Keep working at it, I'm sure you'll get it to where you want it to be soon.

    Thanks, Feral Fairy. Very kind words :)