Monday, February 14, 2011

In which I start a Sekrit Projekt, and Welcome!

First off, I wanted to say hello and welcome to all my new followers. It's so good to have you here. I know many of you have popped over from the crusade or from the dojo and I'm looking forward to crusading and kicking writing butt with you all.

In other news, I have started writing a Sekrit Projekt. In the past I've been a one project at a time kinda girl, but lately I've been trying out all sorts of new techniques to see how they work for me, and this is one of them. It's a YA paranormal (yes with vamps, the non sparkly kind) and so far I'm loving writing it.

As you know, I'm working on developing a writing habit, and since my other WIP is now in the revision stages I wanted something else to get daily words on. So far so good.

For those of you joining me with building a writing habit, how's it going? What goals and triggers did you set for yourself, and are you managing to stick to them?

PS. I made a little 'Writing Habit' button for the blog. If you're doing it with me, feel free to grab it.


  1. Writing before I check emails, start reading blogs or do the dishes (ha!) is working well for me so far. Even if I only do a little bit in the morning, I'm more likely to get back into it later in the day because I've already started.

  2. *squeeeee!*
    I love your Writing Habit button :D
    Once I've worked out how, I'll put it on my blog. Thanks for sharing. Happy writing.

  3. there any way I can add your Writing Habit button to my blog so that it links through to your blog when anyone clicks on it?

    It works if I click on the one on the right hand side of your page - it takes me to your Writing Habit post.

    How did you get it to do that???

  4. SariBelle,

    That is the cutest writing button badge I've seen. SO adorable.

    Except, as a North American I'm not ready to see falling leaves! We're trying to get out from under all our snow and looking forward to spring! *grin*

    (I'm Lady Q on the HtTS/HTRYN boards, btw.)

  5. Glad to see you successfully stretching your muscles.

    I am currently working on two novels simultaneously - both in the revision phase. So far, my head has not exploded.

  6. Carrie, that's great that it's working for you! I've definitely been a lot more productive since I started.

    Prue, I'm glad you like the badge :). There's a couple of ways you can put it up. I think the easiest if you're on blogger is if you go to your design page, click to add a gadget, and then select add a picture. Then you can choose to upload a picture or link to it from another page, and you can add a link for the pic too.

    Rabia, good to see you here! Haha maybe I can make you one with sunshine and sandy beaches ;). We never get falling leaves here (Melbourne). I just thought the bird was cute, and I'm a little but obsessed with my leaf brush in photoshop.

    M Pax, good luck, two novels in revision sounds like a lot of work. I'm glad you're head hasn't exploded :).

  7. Goodness, I've been writing insane amounts lately. I've written the daily amount, but I'm on Blogger and haven't started writing the daily amount needed for my revisions. You can make judgments from there. ;)

    It's good to see that you're out there writing as well, hopefully doing better than me at fighting temptations! Good luck with the daily writings to come! :D

  8. Yay! I'm all for non-sparkly vampires. :D

  9. Sekrit Projekts are the best kind! Love the writing habit button.

  10. Thanks Sari. I had a go at that but got a huge picture :D
    I'm not very good with computer stuff so I'll assume I haven't hit on the right solution and will try again. Failing that, I'll get Mr Prue on the job :)
    Thanks Sari.

  11. I love your writing habit button. I tend to work better in large chunks. 2K on a single day and nothing the next, but that's just me. I'm trying to follow you, but blogger's not letting me at the moment. I'll try again later. :)

  12. Hi Fellow Crusader! A writing habit is a great idea - but I count revision, too, so I don't have to split my brain.

    See you around the Crusade!

  13. Hello fellow Crusader! Great to meet you :))

    I try to write everyday, but lately I've been so uninspired. I should try your 500 words a day. That's a sane goal -- just what I need (a goal and some sanity!!)

    Best of luck with it!

  14. OMG! It worked! Your lovely colourful Building the Writing Habit button is on my side bar with a link to your site.
    *staggers away from the computer*
    I'll quite while I'm ahead :D
    Thanks for the help!

  15. Madeline, at least you're getting words! Sounds like you don't need much help with the writing habit.

    Lisa, take them back to scary I say.

    Jennifer, they are! I'm in danger of being distracted from revising by writing though.

    Alison, I love it when I get 2k in a day. I feel like I've really accomplished something. I need to write every day though because if I don't I find it really hard to get back into writing.

    Vicki, revision definitely counts as writing! I add and cut words when I'm revising anyway. It's just harder to quantify. I do it by pages.

    Nicole, I hope you manage to find your inspiration again. 500 words a day is definitely an attainable goal. Go for it :).

    Prue, glad you got it working! I hope it helps keep you inspired ;).

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  16. Yay.. I'm so glad that your new project is going well! And your badge is so cute :)

  17. Hi Sari! Wow! How have we not crossed paths before! thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yay! So excited. Another Melbournite! Woo!

    As for writing habits. I've had to FORCE myself to write a minimum of four pages a day to reach my recent deadline, which I've just this week completed. So ... I'm up for some non writing habits for a little while! ;o)

    Thanks again for dropping by my blog! xx

  18. Hello fellow crusader. I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you.

  19. Thank you for the welcome :-)


  20. Your button is adorable. :)

    I hope your daily writing goal (read: habit) is going well.

    I'm revising right now. *pouts* Slog slog slog.

    Oh, and I'm also a fellow crusader.

  21. love the little button :)
    Ah, when it comes to me, my writing habit is a profession since I work as a book translator, which means I spend like 10 hours a day writing :)