Monday, December 6, 2010

Decisions and Resolutions

It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. I'll be better I promise. The good news is that the craziness of moving is all but over, the only thing left is for our furniture to arrive. It's currently being combed over in quarantine, just to make sure we're not trying to smuggle any evil New Zealand thingies. So I'm writing this from the the couch which is one of four pieces of furniture in our house at the moment, thanks to Mr Rental. I'm so looking forward to my stuff arriving!

In other news, as you know I moved to Melbourne to get into publishing. I applied for the publishing courses at three universities here: Monash, Melbourne and RMIT. Monash offered me a place last month which was very exciting. I was so happy to get into SOMETHING. Then I received an email from Melbourne last week saying they weren't able to offer me a place in the postgrad diploma as my degree wasn't relevant enough (commerce) but they offered me an alternate position in the postgrad certificate. I was also contacted by RMIT at the end of last week with some follow up questions, and was ultimately offered a place in their graduate diploma in publishing and editing.

It's really hard to find comparative information about these courses because I think industry organisations try to stay neutral on the topic, but from the research I did it seems that RMIT's course has the best standing within the industry. They also accept less than 30 new students every year, are only one of two courses in the country to receive accreditation from the Australian Publishers Association, and give precedence to people who already work in the industry.

So I have decided I will be going to RMIT. I'm so excited about this (and surprised - when I get that email I expected something along the lines of "we regret to inform you...") and I can't wait to be starting the course in February. Until then I need to find something to do.

Which brings me to the next part of this post. Inspired by my critique partner Maggie, who was in turn inspired by the Rejectionist's December test run on resolutions, I've decided to get in on the action (only six days late).

  • Write every day for at least 10 minutes (shamelessly stolen off Maggie but with a far less ambitious goal. Small steps right?)
  • Find a job! This one's a December and January goal. Since I'm going back to NZ for two weeks over Xmas I'll be realistic about this one.
  • Make people Xmas presents this year. But not crappy presents. So I have to figure out how to make good handmade presents that people would be happy to get. Any ideas? (This one relates back to the last one.. I have no job).
  • Do some exercise? Hahaha... yea right.
Some of the Rejectionist's pre-resolutions were far too scary for me to even contemplate (NO COFFEE!? I have cut down from four a day to one, but still.. NONE?)

Anyone have any pre-resolutions they'd like to share?


  1. Congrats! Hope your furniture gets to you guys soon!

  2. Congratulations on the postgraduate acceptance. You must be excited. I hope your furniture is released soon!

  3. Thanks Stephanie and Kari. I hope our furniture gets here soon too! We were just advised today that delivery's been pushed back to next week so another week in a semi-empty house. I might just have to keep building furniture :).

    I am excited thanks Kari.

    PS. I saw on your blog that you're doing How to Think Sideways. Me too! It's on hold at the moment though. I hope you're getting heaps from it.

  4. I'm a week late here, but yay, congrats!!! on getting into multiple programs and choosing one! That's pretty amazing after having only been there a short time. :) And continued good luck on the resolutions!

  5. Thanks Maggie :)
    I hope your resolutions are working for you too.
    Can't wait to start my course now!