Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blue screen of death

On Monday I was in the midst of typing an AMAZING and thought provoking blog post (it was, truly!... Well ok maybe not) when my computer gave up and I got the blue screen of death. I was very upset about this because not only does it hinder my pre-resolution to write everyday, it also puts a halt on the unwritten resolution to write regular blog posts.

Luckily I have my nifty little phone which I am writing this on, but the screen is very, very tiny and I think I an going crosseyed.

Back to regular and hopefully more interesting posts once I get my computer back from the shop or I give up and go buy a new one. Whichever comes first.

And some good news, all or stuff arrived finally! Yay! And my bookshelf is now half empty because I left a few boxes in NZ.

Any good recommendations for an xmas wish list I can fill the shelves up with?


  1. Yay! Glad your stuff all got there. Sad about the computer, though. I hope it can be fixed because that would be a lot cheaper.

  2. Thanks Stephanie :)
    Unfortunately the service people called me this morning and they were pretty useless. Looks like I'll be buying a new one..